We Offer 4 Methods of Hair Extensions

hair-extensions-before hair-extensions-after

Hair extensions are an excellent way to transform your current look by adding length, volume, color, and dimension.

We proudly partner with Bellami Professional Hair to offer the highest quality of hair on the market.

We can create a completely customized look by coloring/cutting your hair prior to extension install, to make the picture perfect final result.

The proper method for your hair type and desired look would be decided during a free consultation. Consultations for extensions must be in-person to color match,  custom order the extension hair, & book your install appointment. Call or text us today to book a consultation with the stylist specializing in the method best suited for you.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Our Salon favorite and most popular method is the Tape In method because of how gentle the process is on the hair.
Using small wefts, or pieces of hair, we adhere it to your hair using medical grade adhesive tape.
In under an hour we can create a seamless, full, and blended look with tape in hair extensions.

Recommended for: all hair types | Appointment duration: 1hr
Cost of Hair – $350+
Installation Cost – $300+
Maintenance Cost – $100/hr

Beaded Row Hair Extensions

The Beaded Row technique, also known as NBR, Hand-Tied, or Braidless Sew-In, has taken the extension world by storm! We can’t be more pleased to offer this exceptional service . The process of natural beaded rows does not use tape or glue.

Say hello to the most comfortable, natural, and lightweight hair you have ever had. 

Beads are used to create a bridge in which the weft of hair is sewn onto. The hair lies flat and seamless, while still creating volume and length. Create multiple styles with this method, including updos and ponytails.

Recommended for: all hair types | Appointment duration: 3hr
Cost of Hair – $300+
Installation Cost – $300

Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extensions, also known as cold fusion extensions or I tips, are a method of hair extensions that do not use any glue or heat.

We take individual strands of hair and adhere them to the head using small metal beads lined with silicone. They are ideal for clients who want to wear their hair up and do not want heat or glue on their hair. Because they are individual strands of hair they tend to look very natural. Especially great method for those thinning around the hairline.

Best for: medium to thick hair | Appointment duration: 2 to 3 hours
Cost of Hair – $300+
Installation Cost – $400+

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Keratin Fusion Extensions, also called K-tip or Keratin Tip, are the most natural looking hair extensions on the market. This method is the longest lasting method- up to 4 months!

Keratin-tipped hair extensions offer beautiful, natural-looking results. They cause no damage to your own hair when applied professionally and well-maintained at home. Each bond is fused onto your hair using a hot fusion application to create a strong, small bond that is virtually undetectable. With the right aftercare, you can wear these for up to 4 months before safely and professionally removing them and getting your next set. 

This process creates a very seamless look that can be worn up or down.

This method is only recommended for clients with very strong hair

Best for: medium to thick hair | Appointment duration: 2-4 hours
Cost of Hair – $350+
Installation Cost – $650+