Best Balayage in Atlanta

Is this the right service for you?

The answer is most likely, “Yes!” A typical Balayage creates a sun-kissed natural looking hair color. The end result is a softer, low maintenance color. It grows out beautifully and more naturally. You don’t get an obvious regrowth line and you can wear it for longer between appointments.

This technique works perfectly for light and dark hair, so anyone can enjoy this timeless look.

Balayage is a “Technique.” As with other color techniques, such as highlights, ombre, or vivids, Balayage can be customized to fit the look you desire. Our artists use the technique that suits your hair goals. Our stylists often combine various styles of color applications into one service to create a look that is customized for you.

Ever hear of “Foilyage?” This color technique combines hand-painting of Balayage with the application of foils. Why? Foilyage allows for higher lift, resulting in a brighter or bolder color.

Let’s go a step further in customization! Once you are lifted, our stylists can glaze you to the perfect tone or deposit the vivid or bold color of your dreams. Can you say, Mermaid Hair? Or the perfect Ashy Blonde?

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ˌBALĀˈYÄZH/ noun - a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.