Artist Name


Education: LIBS, 17 years of Service in the beauty industry.

I Specialize In: Textured Haircuts, Pixies, Silk Presses (Dominican Blowouts), Relaxers, Microlink Extensions, and Ash Blondes

Passions: Philanthropy, Music, Art. Cooking, Self-Care & Awareness

The Best Beauty Tip: You can always tell when it’s time for a haircut.  If you can’t run your comb from root to tip without getting caught in a tangle, then it’s time for a trim.

Favorite Quote: “Obstacles don’t disable our ability to progress in our purpose, the inability to perceive what the obstacle represents does.”


Balayage, Razor Cutting, Pixies, Highlights, Grey Coverage, Microbead/Wefted Hair Extensions


New York